Born Matilda Staunton Craig in 1862 and known to her family as "Aunt Daisie."

Evidence-based Practices

The Staunton Farm Foundation would like to promote the adoption of evidence-based practices in behavioral health — without losing sight of the fact that these practices may not apply to every setting.


For that reason, the Foundation supports both evidence-based practices and promising models, if they are part of a structured study that can advance the field’s understanding of what really works.

The Foundation uses the standards set by the American Psychological Association and SAMHSA (as well as the Blueprints for Violence Prevention and other national organizations) in identifying a model as evidence-based: that a practice has demonstrated positive results in at least two randomized control studies or in a large series of single-case experiments. The following practices have met those criteria:

Evidence Based Programs:

Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health:

Evidence-based Practices for:


Children and Youth